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Our learning platform helps young people develop in-demand digital marketing skills essential for the workplace or starting their own business. And through our skills marketplace, they can ‘earn while they learn’. But we couldn't do it without the help of our incredible partners...

How they learn


  • Bite-sized content delivered in multimedia formats
  • Optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Completing real-world digital challenges
  • Collecting badges to show learning
  • With instant help from our online tutors

We're working with these amazing partners


Testimonials from some of our alumni

“I really think this will make me stand out from the generic retail experience people have”

— Faisa

“I might use these skills to promote and start up my own business”

— Abdul

“Now I feel confident applying for jobs that need digital marketing skills”

— Hazel

“Having the opportunity to work with Fluency has been a fantastic way for the young people we support to progress and learn new skills, the training support has helped our young people gain new skills and progress in new potential digital careers”

— Sat S. Swarley,
Director, Renaissance Foundation

“Fluency is exactly the sort of organisation that's needed as an answer to job accessibility for young people”

— Amy Wilson, Together We're Better

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