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Hear from our learners: Alexandra Mateus from Portugal

Posted by Sinead in General on Fri 2 Oct, 2015


In our continuing series of blog posts from our Fluency learners, today we catch up with Alexandra Mateus, a masters student who lives in Porto in Portugal.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Having had a schizo academic and professional path, I think I can call myself a true polymath. I have had a diverse range of work experiences in digital marketing and project management. I did copy, image and video editing, managed KPIs for construction projects as well as marketing campaigns, and also did event and contact management. I am a Multimedia post-grad with an engineering background, who is both analytical and creative at heart. I am currently entering Masters Project year and looking for an employer in digital marketing who can hopefully see my one-woman show approach as an asset for the company.

2. How did you come across Fluency and why did you sign up?

I came across Fluency while browsing through Forward3d Twitter account. I was curious so browsed over to the website and became immediately hooked. The lessons were very straightforward and the content was engaging and practical. For someone who doesn't know where to start, Fluency is a great way of not having to pay huge fees for digital marketing courses or even webinars. It tells you the sources you need to be looking at.

3. How confident were you about your digital knowledge before joining Fluency?

I had done a bit of research here and there but Fluency gave me jump-start I needed to boost my career in Digital Marketing.

4. What courses are you taking? Why did you choose these? What are you loving / finding challenging?

I'm taking Digital Marketing 101, Intro to Search Engine Optimization, On-Page SEO, Intro to Paid Search and Getting a Job in Digital. But I feel like I need to take them all! Every single one of them has something to offer if you really want to start digging deep into some of the aspects of Web marketing like PPC or SEO.

5. How are you applying the learning to your life / work?

I'm now preparing to take the Google Certification Exams, hopefully giving me an edge when applying to local and international jobs in digital marketing. Fluency gave me the starting point I was looking for.


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