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Top 5 Places To Network For A Tech Job In London

Posted by Sinead in Work on Wed 18 Nov, 2015


When starting out in the professional world, networking can feel like a frightening and confusing experience. When trying to build a strong and fruitful career in any field, personal networking is almost essential. You can spend hours online scrolling through hundreds of job boards and almost forget that we can find amazing opportunities through coffee meets, drinks after work or just simply speaking to someone new.

With London being the hub of all things tech, there are hundreds of networking events you could attend, but finding out which events are worth attending and beneficial can be tricky. With this said, I am going to list the top 5 places to network for a tech job in London to help kick-start your career journey.

1. Silicon Milkroundabout.

Often seen as the ‘big fish’ of London Tech careers fairs, Silicon Milkroundabout is an enjoyable alternative to job hunting. With the chance to meet and talk with over 175 companies who are actively searching for individuals to hire, this is a great networking opportunity where you can directly meet with the founders and hiring managers of several brands and build a network that can land you your dream job.

Silicon Milkroundabout has a great range of companies that are hiring such as BBC Digital, ASOS, The Telegraph and Zoopla to name a few. In addition, if you have an interest in community management, web design or even game development there are a smorgasbord of job opportunities waiting for you.


  • Make sure to bring some business cards and a good amount of CV's with you to hand to the companies you have engaging talks with for a follow up opportunity.
  • Since there are so many companies attending, research and target the main ones you want to work with so that you can showcase your interest in the brand to in turn, make you stand out.
  • You know you’re great but we need the company to think this also - be prepared to dazzle them by having a 30 second mini pitch in your pocket where you can sell yourself and let them know why you are a good candidate to consider.

You can check when there next event is here.

2.Find a Tech Job in London.

This group regularly host insightful panel events that discuss issues regarding technology and provide you with the chance to hear from a range of experts that share their tips on how to excel in the digital field. Ultimately this is a good event to attend if you wish to gain ideas on how to build your career whilst being able to network with these professionals after. Building relationships with these panellists and attendees could potentially help you find job opportunities that haven’t even been advertised yet.

You can browse their upcoming events here.

3.Google Campus Events.

Google Campus are constantly putting on events throughout the week which can be worth attending depending on what area of digital you want to get into, for example, Google host events on ‘How To Start a Start-up in London’ in addition to how ladies in tech have developed successful businesses. With these types of events you can meet with like-minded individuals, exchange details and start building a network of contacts that can help you find job opportunities or even more useful events to attend.

4.3 Beards.

If it is your first time networking you may want to ease into the networking world through a more laid back approach. 3 Beards are popular for throwing their weekly ‘Silicon Drinkabout’ where all the techies can join together and have fun to end the working week. This is a good chance to find out about how others are building themselves in the digital world. Aimed to support start-ups and techs, this event is useful for gaining contacts in a non-professional environment.

5.Girls in Tech London.

Finally, known for their lively events, Girls in Tech London is a great starting place to build your personal network. The group's aim is to bring women in tech to the forefront and support those whilst doing it. They are always hosting a great range of events such as the 'Networking Breakfast' or the ‘Tech the Halls’ Christmas party. If you’re looking for a more relaxed but suitable place for networking then this would be a great start.

The tech world is literally your oyster so next time you’re looking for the chance to network, try out my 5 best places.My final tip would be that if you want to work in a tech company it is key to develop a good online presence that is a true reflection of you. Employers never hesitate to search you and what they see can determine whether you will hear a call back or not for that dream job!

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