Fluency in the press


“Where you start in life shouldn't determine where you end up...”
Interview with Sinead on the Outlier On Air podcast:
Providing an Alternative Education System

Outlier Magazine, Mar 2015


“And it's not just coding. There are also programmes designed to match digitally skilled young people with jobs. Fluency, for example, is a digital jobs marketplace, which teaches young people the skills they need before introducing them to the right businesses”
Young people need to hone their digital skills for futureproof careers
The Guardian, Aug 2014


“Creating a startup is a lot like that Whack-A-Mole game where the player goes after the moving moles with a mallet: You’ve got to think fast and you have to have foresight. If you’re too early, too late or too slow you’ve missed your opportunity...When you hear Sinead Mac Manus’s Fluency pitch, you will realize that she’s got the aim and timing down (and not to mention enough adrenaline to lift a car, which doesn’t hurt when you’re trying to lift a startup)”

Michelle Burwell, The Millennials are Coming … and London Winner Fluency isn’t Scared
The Challenge Cup News, Dec 2013


In cool company: Time to get fluent
Tech Mix Mag, Nov 2013
(page 41)

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